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RFID is a flexible technology that is convenient, easy to use, and well suited for automatic operation. It combines advantages not available with other identification technologies. Advent of RFID as an emerging technology in many applications where barcodes were previously used and in the applications which would help in automating them and using a strong ERP Solution enabling strong advantages of both the RFID Technology and ERP Product.

SAP RFID Solution Package

With the current focus in the RFID space on how RFID can be used to make business processes more efficient, it is no surprise that SAP has a keen interest in the developments of RFID.

The SAP RFID solution package provides a complete auto-ID middleware solution connecting RFID data directly from auto-ID data capture sources, such as RFID readers and device controllers, and integrates the data directly into enterprise applications. It converts raw RFID data into business process information by making the associations from key business rules, master data, and transactions to raw RFID data.

SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (SAP AII)

Auto-ID Infrastructure is compatible with SAP R/3 4.6C or greater, and it also has adapters for SAP Warehouse Management, SAP Business Information Warehouse, SAP Supply Chain Event Management, SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization, and all SAP NetWeaver components.

SAP AII connects with mySAP ERP through a component of SAP NetWeaver platform, namely SAP Ex-change Infrastructure (SAP XI).

Deliveries created in the ERP system are passed as an IDOC message to SAP XI sub-system, and from there in XML format they are sent to SAP AII. AII communicates directly with printers.

In the case of a process initiated by a tag reader, the process is reversed: first messages to SAP AII are generated, then they are filtered and collectively sent to SAP XI. SAP XI makes an IDOC message passed on to SAP system.

There is also another possibility, when SAP AII component is independent. This is useful when a company plans first to replicate delivery data, without adjusting its ERP system to integration with SAP AII yet (the so-called Slap&Chip scenario); or for development purposes.

Such way of testing RFID technology helps to prepare well for the future implementation. Installation of SAP AII as an independent solution enables replication of master data, such as materials, business partners etc., in order to enable simple management of replicating delivery data from ERP system.

AII (Auto-Id Infrastructure) product is used to RFID enable business processes, for example:

  1. RFID tagging of cases and pallets
  2. Packing cases onto pallets (unit load building)
  3. Moving pallets within the warehouse
  4. Loading pallets for outbound shipment
SAPís AII has enjoyed considerable success, and SAP is viewed as the market leader in this space.

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