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We provide various SAP Application Development services for various SAP Components, offering cost effective services by:

  1. Using modern technology
  2. Through emphasis on commitment to quality
  3. Through solutions to meet varied customer requirements

Configuration and Development (ABAP/Java Services)

ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a high level programming language created by SAP. It is currently positioned as the language for programming SAP's Web Application Server, part of its NetWeaver platform for building business applications. In January 2003, SAP introduced its NetWeaver integration platform architecture. NetWeaver, an open standards platform based on a J2EE engine, applies loosely coupled XML and Web services standards to the problem of connecting SAP applications with those of other software companies.

To cater to these requirements we provide professional services for ABAP/Java development for the customization/ implementation and production support for ABAP Services like

  1. ABAP Development
  2. ABAP Consultancy / Support
  3. Integration/Testing/Support
Our experienced ABAPers have expertise in
  1. Custom ABAP Reports/Programs
  2. ALE/IDoc Interface Development, OS, UNIX & FTP level support
  3. Standard Programs, Code Custom Function Modules, Customer Exits
  4. ABAP/4 Data Dictionary, Reporting, Dialog Programming, SQL/Performance, SAP scripts,
  5. ABAP Workbench (ABAP Programming, Object Oriented ABAP, ABAP Functions, BAPI Programming)

Basis and System Administration

Basis Administration is considered to be the backbone of SAP R/3 system management. This is a crucial job with multiple aspects of maintaining high level of system performance for smooth functioning of an organization.

We have experience with numerous system landscapes each with multiple layers, and varying degrees of complexity covering the entire

  1. BASIS Development
  2. BASIS Consultancy Support
  3. Maintenance Support
In particular, we are extremely experienced with:
  1. Installation & Upgrades
  2. Configuring SAP Installations ,Upgrades
  3. Installing R/3, R/3 Enterprise, BW, CRM, SEM, XI, Portal, WAS, APO
  4. Configuring of TMS, OSS Connectivity
  5. Applying support packages, notes, Kernel upgrade
  6. Technical Version Upgrades
Supported SAP applications include:
  1. SAP ERP
  2. BW
  3. CRM
  4. Enterprise Portals
  5. Exchange Infrastructure (XI)
  6. Solution Manager
  7. PLM
  8. SRM (APO)

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