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SAP Business Intelligence solutions include functionalities necessary to identify, integrate and analyse business data from various sources, including various IT systems. They facilitate taking the right decisions and improve business operations.

The basis for creating SAP Business Intelligence solutions is a data warehouse SAP BW. Another solution useful for decision making is SAP SEM - strategic enterprise management.

SAP BW Data Warehouse

SAP BW data warehouse, used by more than 4,000 companies worldwide, is a tool that unifies data storage and reporting interfaces in all the company. It allows to unite data from different SAP applications with external systems data. Moreover, it provides many ready-made reporting solutions.

SAP BW ensures a ready-to-use infrastructure and includes the so-called Business Content that helps implement and support the system used.

SAP BW is not limited to the data sources from SAP systems. SAP BW may take over data from any sources including third parties' software, other data warehouses or data from external suppliers.

Additionally, it is possible to use inter-application interfaces (the so-called BAPI) to use other systems of analyses and reporting than those delivered by SAP BW.

SAP SEM Strategic Enterprise Management

SAP SEM is a group of solutions supporting strategic enterprise management including budgeting and measuring operations efficiency. Its components are:

  • SEM-BPS (Strategic planning and SAP simulation - a basic application that manages budgeting process).
  • SEM CPM-BSC (Balanced scorecard)
  • SEM-BCS (Consolidation)

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