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Infovision specializes in providing a full range of consulting services for both local and global SAP BW implementations.

We have implemented many SAP BW environments for large US-based customers. Our projects have ranged from BW Requirements Planning, to Full Life Cycle BW Implementations.

Infovision BW Services Projects help companies quickly implement BW environments on a limited budget. Our consultants can assist in all aspects of planning, assessment, and delivery of SAP BW projects. By using industry best practices and hard-earned knowledge from successful BW implementations, we can guide companies through the complexities associated with BW projects.

In most of our SAP BW customerís engagements, we focus on

  1. SAP BW Implementations requiring significant integration of SAP and non-SAP data
  2. Reconciliation of Master Data
  3. Data Harmonization and Data Quality Management
  4. Master Data Management
  5. Integration of data from multiple SAP R3 instances across the globe
  6. ETL of SAP R3 Data
  7. ETL and Data Harmonization of non-SAP data
  8. Data Modelling/Data Staging (Infocube) customization based on global/local requirements
  9. Report customization based on global / local requirements.

We recognize that our customers have many choices in selecting a data integration services firm.

We differentiate ourselves from other services firms by

  1. Depth of Expertise and Credentials in SAP Data Integration.
  2. Many references for SAP BW Implementation
  3. Competitive cost savings over other vendors in this space.
  4. Bring providing applications that can speed up SAP BW Implementations
  5. Offering On-Demand SAP BW Services

The key phases of a BW project are:

BW Assessment

Most companies that have an interest in SAP BW generally desire to understand the cost implications of a BW implementation prior to committing to the project. Infovision offers:

  1. Assessment of Cost Implications
  2. Forecasting of Implementation and Maintenance costs
  3. Presentation of the Value and Computed ROI
  4. Assessment of Technical Infrastructure
  5. Project Planning and Implementation Proposals
  6. Assessment of Organizational Change Requirements

BW Technical Infrastructure Setup

The typical technical infrastructure setup for the SAP R3 environment includes:

  1. Setup of Hardware Infrastructure
  2. Installation of SAP BW Software
  3. Establishing R3 Connectivity
  4. Testing of Data Flow

BW Pilot Implementation

During the Pilot Implementation, Business Content from a specific analysis area (e.g. Sales Analysis, Accounts Receivable, Procurement etc) is activated and configured to accept data from the SAP R3 environment. Typical tasks during this implementation include:

  1. Activation of Standard Infocubes
  2. Creation of Standard Reports
  3. Demonstration of Standard Queries
  4. Organizational Buy-In is obtained

* No customizations are performed during this phase

BW Project Implementation and Rollout

Infovision uses a modified version of the ASAP methodology to ensure a robust BW environment is implemented, tested, and delivered. The project milestones include the following:

  1. Blueprinting
  2. Realization
  3. Roll Out
  4. Post-Implementation Support
  5. Organizational Change Management

BW Maintenance

Once the BW environment is implemented, tested, and delivered, we can perform the maintenance. Our maintenance contracts ensure that the customer can depend on us for:

  1. Troubleshooting and Error Correction
  2. Change request process set up (e.g. Creation of New Infocubes )
  3. Customization of reports
  4. Archiving and Storage
  5. Data Maintenance

We have a range of specialised consultants with rich experience in these BW areas.

Requirement Analysis

  1. Functional Consultant
  1. Subject Matter Expert Source System
  2. Technical Extraction Consultant
Data Model and Data Staging
  1. Data Model & Staging Designer
  2. Data Model & Staging Reviewer
  3. Data Model & Data Staging Implementer
  4. Master Data Designer
BW Security
  1. Security Consultant
  1. Report Designer
  2. Report Implementer
  1. Integration Tester
  2. Integration Test Manager
Platform Management
  1. BW Architect
  2. Common Master Data Manager
  3. Basis Consultants
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