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mySAP CRM (mySAP Customer Relationship Management) solutions support commercial departments in overall customer service process, from recording trade contacts to planning marketing activities.

Using these solutions results in increased sales, thanks to bigger customer satisfaction with service and better organization of commercial activities.

Application functions offered by mySAP CRM may be divided into three main areas:

Operational CRM
Analytical CRM
Collaborative CRM

Operational CRM applications

Support transactional, customer-oriented activities in sales, service and marketing. They ensure smooth and real time integration of front-office and back-office activities as well as harmonization of all communication channels of influence on customer.

Analytical CRM applications

These concern preparing, support and optimizing internal and external customer-oriented decision making processes. They are based on:

SAP BW Data warehouse and its analytical functions with the use of ready structures called Business Content, created to handle CRM analytic processes planning, optimizing and simulation supported by SAP SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management).

Based on the data from the warehouse and other sources, those applications help understand customers' needs and behaviour.

Collaborative CRM applications

Support those company activities that lead to closer cooperation with customers, suppliers and business partners. All functions of this mySAP CRM application area are targeted at transforming customer relationship, limited only to sale and purchase, into a long-term partnership based on interaction. The Internet is a means that helps carry out this intention.

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